Why Become a Member?

Since its inception, the Searvi has operated informally, depending on a volunteer board to cover all expenses. The costs added up, and limited what we were able to offer. With our recent incorporation, we are now able to operate like other nonprofits, funding programs through donations, grants, and most importantly, memberships.

It’s a Good Deal

First and foremost, you get the satisfaction of assisting a great mission! Plus you’ll get

  • NIFTY PSS membership card and flag decal

  • Access to members’ page

  • E-news with early notice of events

  • Discounts to events sponsored by PSS and partners

  • Invitation to Annual Picnic, Sámi National Day, and Siiddastallen

  • Opportunities to volunteer on PSS committees and Board


  • Student/Senior 65+: only $15!

  • Individual: $20

  • Couple (children under 18 free): $30

  • Affiliate/Corporate: $100

  • Benefactor/Lifetime Member: $500


Our mission is to honor, cultivate, and expand understanding of Sámi culture, heritage, and contemporary issues.

The Fine Print

While PSS is incorporated in Washington State, anyone may become a member or donate, regardless of residence. Applying for membership affirms a commitment to the PSS mission (above), with the understanding that any actions by a member that are deemed detrimental to PSS by the Board of Directors may result in revocation of his or her membership.

Memberships approved in 2019 continue through December 31, 2019. Memberships are not transferable. As PSS is not (yet) a 501c3, donations are not tax-deductible.

Count me in!